Miller Lite - Dick - Product Test (1997) - 0:60 (USA)


Miller Lite - Dick - Product Test (1997) - 0:60 (USA)

Dick does product testing.

Client: Miller Lite
Creatives: Paul Malmström, Linus Karlsson

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I wish I could "check out" this classic featuring 'Jimmy's Product Testing Service'!

What's stopping you? The upgrade for archive-access isn't exactly sprung on you as a surprise after you log in.It's spelled out in big bold letters on the front page. Just upgrade.

Ok. This is my favorite Miller Lite commercial. The funk music, the 70's action show style & the stop-frames!! Very creative, Dick.

Now, where can I get a "Jimmy's Product Testing Service" t-shirt and crash helmet?

I can't see this, and I see nothing in big bold letters on the front page.

What does "nothing in big bold letters" mean? I just sent you a long explanation regarding the Quicktime soundbar but no picture thing re quicktime support. Best way to check that is to get a working quicktime.

(also, Neaner's comment is from 2008, there's no longer a viewing paywall FYI)

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