Not since EDS "herding cats" and Ikea cats have we seen this many cats in a commercial, though most of these are cgi-trickery from The Mill. These are here because a man so thrilled he saved money on car insurance feels like he could run with bulls in Pamplona, or maybe squirrels, but lacking those he asks his cat to join him. Since we're all suckers for cats, as everyone at Mother London seems to be, it works.

There's a 30 second too, but this 40 is better. Moar cats! Since this is made by Mother it might start a re-trend. Great. Now there's gonna be cats everywhere.

Credits: "Running With Cats"
Client: MoneySuperMarket
Air date: August 11, 2013

Agency: Mother London
Creative Directors: Larry Seftel and David Day
TV Producer: James Turnham

Production Company: Biscuit UK
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Orlando Wood
Executive Producer: Colleen O'Donnell
Head of Production: Rachel Glaub
Producer: Kwok Man Yau
Director: Jeff Low
Director of Photography: Angus Hudson

Editing: Final Cut
Editor: Ed Cheesman

Post Production: The Mill

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