Really smart insight here as a way to get people to play the "lesser" scratch offs who don't offer million dollar payouts: It doesn’t take a lot to feel like a million.
Life-cancelling headphones? Perfect. 200 bucks is plenty to get a pair and tune out the family noise. The art direction is spectacular here, too. It's like I'm in this alternate reality watching this woman zone out. The voice over only adds to the comedy. Great stuff.

Client: Ohio Lottery Commission
Agency: Marcus Thomas, Cleveland
Chief Idea Officer: Joanne Kim
CD/AD: Eric Holman
CW: Kevin Delsanter
Agency Producer: Jerrod McMillin
Account Supervisor: Debbie Pirone
Media Director: Elizabeth Ballash
Production Co./Post: The PPS Group
Director: Mike Goubeaux
D.P.: Dallas Sterling
Exec Producer: Deb Price
Editor: Preston Price
Sound: Big Science Music
Composer: Jay Green
Producer: Rebecca Senneway

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