Old Spice - @Everyone - like all great things, this too must end.

@Oldspice man sends his last reply, directed at everyone. The old-spice twitter reply fun is over... for now. Well done w+k and Isaiah Mustafa - the copy written for these tweet-replying ads was awesome and hilarious. Old Spice even replied to Gillette in one of them.

ad agency: w+k

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AdBroad has done a nice recap post: adland redeems itself with campaign you wish your campaign could smell like

In a move that seems destined to reshape the way brands interact with consumers, W + K creatives (CD Jason Bagley, digital strategist Josh Millrod, interactive producer Ann-Marie Harbour) holed up in a studio with spokehunk Isaiah Mustafa, writing, recording, editing and producing video responses to tweets and comments in quick succession, posting almost 200 "commercials" in the course of 2 days. What makes the work genius isn't only the concept but executions: spot-on writing and Mustafah's flawless deliveries ensure the spots are entertainment even if they're not directed at you.