Old Spice Soap - Shower - (2013) :30 (USA)


Old Spice Soap - Shower - (2013) :30 (USA)

Old spice is back with a many soap. Not a soap on a rope (but wouldn't that have been perfectly hipster retro now), just a soap. A soap that is the manly way to wash and will keep you fresh all day. Because it's like you shower all day. No more boring old soap for you, no sir. You use the stalker soap!

Look, it's perfectly executed, the handsome man is that square jawed Ken-doll he should be and of course he's a surgeon, the Jocks of Doctors too. The song is almost a sticky jingle, though it doesn't reach "Zestfully clean" or "call me maybe" levels of omg-get-out-of-my-head. The date is awkwardly getting sprayed by the stalking shower head and we can all laugh at the bizarre. I just feel like these spoofs of the ads of yore thing is getting a bit old, you know? The spoof is ready to be spoofed! Someone do a serious jingle ad today, that works, lets see you pull that off! There's a challenge.

Ad Agency: Weiden & Kennedy, Portland


Please, no more ironic advertising. PLEASE

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