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Pornhub's Rejected Super Bowl Commercial - 2013 (SFW)

Pornhub claims that this is their "rejected" super bowl commercial*. Which of course simply means that they posted this to various video sharing sites and then told 4chan, Reddit & all their fans, not that they actually ever attempted to buy air time for this. Just like PETA's "banned / rejected" Veggie Love ad of super bowl 2009 the rejection here is just a magic phrase that "makes ad go viral". It's like Beetlejuice, say it three times and it'll happen. Banned super bowl ad, banned super bowl ad, banned super bowl ad. See? You know, it makes sense that Pornhub should succeed due to 'word of mouth' advertising. They are an oral kind of brand. Also I have the weirdest boner right now, exceptionally so since I am a girl. Wait, this isn't mine. What the? * not listed in the super bowl collection because puhlease, they be fibbing.


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kidsleepy's picture

if this ad was banned it would only be banned for being a stupid ad.

inka's picture

totally agree...didnt anybody noticed the fact..the entire ad thing was made to genrate free publicity..how the hell , it would ever allow this to run on TV...

and the producers knew thing ..but this is how they can come up something catchy and freee publicity...

look at the AD..did they spend even $100?

Their is no story, no logic, no relation

AnonymousCoward's picture

:O By god, I think you're right! We've been had!

bingbong's picture

Another porn site super bowl commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pok1RCPw0ak

kidsleepy's picture

Is there a brief for this? "Make a shitty spot for like 100 bucks, and then tell everyone the super bowl rejected it."

AnonymousCoward's picture

If what you say is true, why has the add been pulled from youtube? Can't very well go viral if the company yanked it from youtube.

Dabitch's picture

Woah. According to Pornhub's own press release this ad was indeed rejected by CBS, making this story a near carbon copy of the Veggie Lovers story (sans sexually suggestive images).

Super Bowl TV network CBS has stepped up its defensive line ahead of this Sunday's big game, blocking a proposed multi-million dollar commercial from Pornhub.com

PHILLY.com also reports that CBS has made this statement, probably found in that very same press release.

"A CBS spokesperson offered this brief response via email to the website's proposal: 'CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission.'"

kidsleepy's picture

Either way they knew the spot wouldn't get picked up, so they tried to capitalize on the notoriety, the same way Soda Stream did after being banned in Britain. Yawn. Whatever happened to making great spots?

Dabitch's picture

TOO EASY!* Now we sell mediocre spots on wee fibs.

* or rather, very hard. Great spots are challenging and may offend some part of the population, making it risky.