Powerful Yogurt - Powerful Cattleman - (2013) :30 (USA)


Powerful Yogurt - Powerful Cattleman - (2013) :30 (USA)

Just how powerful is Powerful Yogurt? If a trio of edgy spots edited and post-produced by Wild(child) is any indication, strong enough to start a car, light a fire, or win a ping-pong match. Editor Diego Panich teamed up with the The Vidal Partnership on the campaign, continuing a years-long creative partnership that has yielded memorable work for various high-profile brands.

Panich used a barrage of quick cuts, reaction shots, and over-the-top sound effects to frame the spots in a cheeky, cartoonish world of hard bodies and cheesy grins. “Our goal was to use sound design to create funny, compelling spots that viewers would want to watch over and over,” Panich notes. “We wanted to exaggerate the funny, and the sound played a huge role in that, acting as a kind of dialogue to communicate and reinforce the cartoonish craziness as deliberately as possible to the audience. The idea was to build a choreography that enhances the story’s humor.”

In Ping Pong, Wild(child) created a percussive rhythm around the ball as a frumpy nerd slugs it back and forth with an unknown target, who is finally revealed to be a muscle-bound opponent deflecting the ball with nothing but his abs. Sound design was also integral to the flow of Lumberman, in which repetitious noise defines a lost girl’s growing angst until a stud tramps out of the woods, lighting her camp fire with a flick of a match across his stomach. Cowboy takes the integration of sound and edit a step further, amping a desert landscape to the level of a roof-raising urban dance club when a dashing cowboy runs jumper cables from his abs to restart a damsel’s stalled truck.

Wild(child) played up its creative strengths of timing and experimentation to build the perfect comedic narrative for each spot. Panich worked closely with The Vidal Partnership CD Gustavo Lauria to get the best possible talent cuts and to ensure that the comedy was true to the agency’s original intent. The Wild(child) team then assembled this footage into a number of test spots, ranging from subtle to over the top, postponing the dramatic turning point for as long as possible to find the perfect intersection of suspense and comedic timing.

“Vidal knew they had a fresh idea and an abundance of great footage, and they approached us for the same reason they have so many times before – to help elevate the creative,” noted Wild(child) EP Amy Lazarus. “Diego is a tireless worker and just kept trying different versions of each spot until each worked perfectly within the confines of this quirky, crazy world we had created. When people kept asking us to play these final versions over and over again, we knew he’d nailed it.”

The new campaign has already won numerous industry plaudits – including Best of Show at the 2013 USH Idea Awards. The campaign also swept the 2013 FIAP Awards, with “Powerful Ping-Pong Man” winning Gold, and “Powerful Cattleman” and the overall campaign both receiving Silvers.

See all three spots here.

About Wild(child):

Wild(child) is a creative post-production boutique with an award-winning editorial roster catering to leading advertising agencies and content creators worldwide. From Edit, Color, and Finishing to Music, Mix, and 2D/3D GFX – we offer a full spectrum of services for television commercials, music videos, shorts, features, online/interactive content, and more. All of our talent operates out of the same Flatiron-based studio, where we have developed a creative infrastructure that allows us to be flexible and efficient in this ever-evolving media landscape.

Credits: Client: Powerful Yogurt Spot titles: “Powerful Cattleman” Title Campaign: Find your Inner Abs Air Date: April 2013 Agency: The Vidal Partnership Country: United States Chief Creative Officer: Gustavo Lauria Copywriter: Santiago Luna Lupo, Gustavo Lauria Art Director: Percy Bustos Agency Head of Production: Meiling Macías-Toro Production Company: Fulano Films / Flamboyant Paradise Director: Rene Sampaio / Javier Lourenço Editing Company: Wild(child) Editorial, USA Editor: Diego Panich Post Production: Flamboyant Paradise

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