Silva Thins - Lower Tar -0:30 (USA) 1969


Silva Thins - Lower Tar -0:30 (USA) 1969

The coool guys smoke Silva Thins, lower tar!

Silva Thins

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That is pretty cool. I could never suck the cigarette out of the pack like that without looking like a fool.

Funny Story. When stationed in Wiesbaden Germany, I was hitch hiking to Amsterdam and a Yellow Trumph with New York plates on the front pulls over and picks me up. I'm looking at the guy cause he looks so familiar to me. In our conversation he confesses he is the Silva thin man. Wellll, our manly man Silva thin guy wasn't so much a ladies man, but a mans man and he wanted to take me to his Chalet in Switzerland. After explaining to him that I perfered the opposite sex he got me to Amsterdam and dropped me off. Hitch hiking in europe made for some interesting stories.

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