Sobeys Traceable Seafood All on the Line (2012)


Sobeys Traceable Seafood All on the Line (2012)

100 years ago, Canadians knew exactly where their food came from. That's because they bought it straight from the fishermen. Ah, fishermen, my heroes, I get seasick just looking at that fishing boat, but I'll eat anything you catch mate.

Sobeys invites you to learn exactly where your fish comes from. Learn about your fisherman.

"There’s more to these fishermen than hip waders and Sou’Westers. What you don’t know about them will surprise you.

Our commitment to top-quality seafood begins with the very people who reel it in every day. We’re proud to introduce the crew of one of our seafaring seafood suppliers in our new video “All on the Line,” filmed off the coast of West Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

These MSC certified haddock fishermen are out on the Atlantic Ocean every day, fishing responsibly in all kinds of weather, to supply Sobeys with the freshest and highest quality seafood our Canadian waters have to offer.

Sobeys invites you to get to know more about who catches your fish. When you enter the traceable code on your package of select species of Canadian seafood, you can trace the details about who caught it, where your fish was caught, and what kind of fishing method was used. Use the program to drop your fisherman a line, too.

Know who caught your fish. Personally."

Title: All on the Line

Client: Sobeys

Agency: Entrinsic

Production: Married to Giants

Director: Finn O’Hara

Executive Creative Director: Anthony Wolch

Copywriter: Kyle Carpenter

Agency Producer: Camielle Clark

Editor: Monica Remba

Music: Vapor

Composer: Dominic Matar



what is this song called?

The song is How Likely Are You by Dominic Matar. You can find it on myspace or just google the title and artist. :)

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