Squatty Potty - This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop (2015) 2:53 (USA)

The trouble with unicorn haemorrhoids? “The glitter gets everywhere”, according to this silly, absurd, scatological, tongue-in-cheek, but surprisingly informative ad by social agency Harmon Brothers. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Pythonesque absurdity has been used to sell a seemingly awkward product; Tena Men took a similar approach earlier in the year with “Control”, a man who takes control of everything in his life, even bladder weakness. It seems that when bodily excretions are involved, the best way to tackle the subject is straight on, with plenty of absurdity to help us get over our shyness. Harmon Brothers will be hoping for a viral hit with “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” although at almost 3 minutes, one wonders if they might be indulging a little too far with their audience’s attention span in a quest to convince us we need to poop different.

This video was created by Harmon Brothers http://harmonbrothers.com

Executive Producers - Jeffrey Harmon & Derral Eves
Producer/1st A.D. - James Dayton
Directors - Daniel Harmon and Dave Vance
Prince of Poop - Wes Tolman
Unicorn Voice - Mitch Hall
Creative Director - Daniel Harmon
Writers - Dave Vance, Jeffrey Harmon, and Daniel Harmon
Director of Photography - Casey Wilson
Editor/Script Supervisor/DIT - Kaitlin Snow
VFX - Nick Dixon
Production Management - Benton Crane, Madeleine Flynn
Props Conveyor Belt & Toilet: Jay Davis, Deveren Farley
Color - Ben Brooksby
Casting- Ben Hopkin, Daniel Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon, Derral Eves, Dave Vance
Sound - Jacob Edvalson
Sound design - Jacob Edvalson & Daren Smith
Line Producers - Spanky Ward & Benton Crane
1ST A.C. - Lane Russell
Gaffer - Carl Gundestrup
Grip - Josh Contor
Set Designer - Chloe Huber, Corbin Allred
Unicorn Creator & Animatronics Director - Chris Hansen
Hair/MU - Abigail Steel, Vanae Morris
Wardrobe - Anna K. Findlay
Puppeteers- Matthew Cramer, James Morris & Emily Fox
Food Stylist - Amelia Carbine
P.A./Craft - Josh Ralphs

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Dabitch's picture

I can't believe I watched this. I also can't believe that I immediately thought of poo purri... What is it with poop and UK accented spokespeople? You have a thing, dontcha?

Also, thanks for the diet visuals, ice-cream holding man.

David Felton's picture

Same agency made Poo Purri! They've got a thing for posh accents.

kidsleepy's picture

This is amazing.

Poo fan's picture

Not sure what is better, the ad or the review.