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The St. Paul - Noah - Promises (2003) - 0:60 (USA)

Back in October, The St. Paul account jumped from Minneapolis' Campbell Mithun to Minneapolis' Fallon. So how did these Minnesota natives kick off their newfound relationship? No - They didn't go ice fishing.

The people who brought you kitty herdin' and stampedin' bushy-tailed varmits are at it again, and conceived and crafted on Fallon's trademark majestic scale. Hell, it's Biblical even! Superadgrunts, continue to view...

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Oh Boy, this is very much like Cat Herders.
You sit there watching thinking "HA HA HA HAHAHA - WHAT?"

I really admire Fallon, but sometimes they f@ck up. The proposition here feels artificial. Cat Herders had an ending in the same vein: "In a sense this is what we do, bringing people and bla bla....."

What that says to me is "back to your desks, guys..."