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Tic Tac / 4 calories / Motel Room "Shake things up" - (2013) 3:00 (USA)

I honestly don't want to know why some of the things are they way they are in this bizarre, hallucination style scene in a shoddy motel written and directed by Crobin as a spec piece for Tic Tac. That's "Shake things up" Tic-Tac, and I feel a bit shook up after watching this disturbing three minute bit. So many ??????

Why is the maid spraying hairspray while the bra-clad woman smokes? Isn't that dangerous? Why is the skinny man as green around his mouth as the fat man's shorts are in the front? Wait don't answer that. Why are the men in suits kneeling in front of the hoola-hooping girl? Why is the man in the bathroom shaving everything? Who knocked out the unconscious man in chair? Is this some sort of vibrating bed fetish? I don't want to know.
And I don't ever want a Tic-Tac again either. This will probably work out swimmingly for Crobin, as it did for the Cousins behind that NSFW Skittles ad which turned me off of candy completely (thanks to you guys I fit in my old dresses! Yeay!). Gawrsh, I remember when directors spec work simply involved suicide bombers and clever taglines. Now it's Famous soda pop blow jobs and really upset the brand, as they asked us to remove their trademark. I do wonder how Tic-Tac will react to this.

This spot is not associated with Merkley + Partners, Ferrero or Tic Tac.

Director: Crobin
Production Company: Pudding Boy Productions
Producer: Grayson Ross and Joe Labbadia
Writer: Crobin
DP: Ed David
Production Designer: Crobin
Stylist: Mindy Saad
Makeup: Christy Falco
Editor: Crobin
Audio: David Perlick Molinari (YouTooCanWoo)
Colorist: TJ Seiler
Animation: Tim Livezey
Music: "Shake Sugaree" by Elizabeth Cotten

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