Victoria Beer is actually Mexico's oldest beer brand which is something I didn't know until I looked it up. And while that would have made for an interesting campaign, this one goes for the culo. In this spot, three friends are watching the Mexican weather report on a laptop. innocently mind you, completely oblivious of the weather girl in the tight yellow dress who if I am not mistaken is Yanet Garcia, an actual hot weather girl on Telemundo. Apparently her charms are lost on everyone except for Gregorio the Gringo who quickly enters a (beer-fueled?) dream sequence in which he falls in love with Yanet, serandes her with a Mariachi band at thee in the morning, gets a tattoo that reads Yanet, Te Hamo, and right before's about to plant on on her, his buddies snap him out of it. Gregorio then looks at the beer and says "Mexico really has everything. Funny humor if just a bit expected. When I was an intern years ago, I lived with three Latin dudes-- one from Mexico, one from Brazil and one from Peru. And if they were watching the weather on Telemundo, it wasn't because they wanted to know whether they should bring an umbrella. So they only part that doesn't ring true in this spot is the fact the other guys are snapping him out of it.

Ad Agency: the community Chief Creative Officers: Jose and Joaquin Molla VP, Executive Creative Director: Leo Prat Senior Copywriter: Federico Diaz Art Director: David Uribe VP, Integrated Production: Laurie Malaga Senior Producer: Julio Rangel Group Account Director: Mattia Nicodano Account Director: Agustina Massa Senior Account Executive: Erika Rivera Account Coordinator: Jaqueline Aran VP, Executive Director of Planning: Andrew Speyer Jr. Planner: Bernardo Guzman Manager of Creative Services: Maru Solowoski Production: Production Company- Gloria // The Maestros Director: Rodrigo Valdes Executive Producer Partner: Eric Bonniot General Director: Enrique Nava Head of Production: Gerardo Salas Executive Producer: Ivan Lomelí Line Producer: Martin de La Mora 1st AD: Khukame Garcia Director of Photography: Memo Garza Offline Editing House: Pixel Power Editor: Alejo Hojiman Head of Postproduction: Pablo Piriz Online: Vapor Post Colorist: Rudel Reyes Executive Producer: Denise Zeigen Music: Mixto Music Chief Producer/Composer: J. Carlos Maya Company: Constellation Brands Brand: Victoria Sr. VP & Chief Marketing Officer: Jim Sabia Brand Director: Greg Gallagher Brand Manager: Alicia May Associate Brand Manager: Peter Gargula