Vitaminwater - Grab it by the horns - (2012) :30 (USA)

It's a bit like the ancient Virgin spot the band name image and "spot the song" film, these countless "spot the internet meme" films that followed it. With the "Comhem viral homage" using more old virals than anyone else, but with good reason to. Here we go again with this idea, apparently! Signed forward thinking CP+B, no less!

We have photobombs, planking, smooth jazz playing dude, nyancat, and the mountain-bike seeking african antelope. Guys, we've seen this in so many variations now, in Weezer videos, in Vizio super bowl ads, the dramatic boston terrier and praire dog etc. While the lolcats might be funny in the town of internet memes, I have no idea why I should buy smartwater now, as it seems it might make me hallucinate christian flashmobs where there are none. I'd rather smoke banana-peels.

Ad agency: CP+B

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