WHATSAPP "Elo Teddy Bear" (2014) 2:00 (Brazil)

For children with cancer one of the biggest side effects is loneliness. Taken away from their parents, their schools, friends and family is heartbreaking. So DM9 in Brazil decided to do something about it. They partnered with WhatsAPP (and what looks like Hospital Amaral Carvalho) to create Elo Teddy Bear. Special bears matched to each child. This way their friends and family could send them messages through the teddy bear, so that the kids could at least hear their voice.

As far as I'm concerned this is one of the nicest ideas I've seen in a long time. If I were the creative team who came up with this idea and helped bright it to life, connecting grieving parents and family and friends with these poor kids is not only an award, but one that beat twenty Cannes lions any day.

Advertising Agency: DM9DDB
Creative Directors: Álvaro Rodrigues, Diogo Mello
Art Director: Guilherme Cunha
Copywriter: Otto Pajunk
Account Services: Renato Fachim
Project Manager: Monique Lima
Technology: 3bits
Image Production: Trator Filmes
Film Director: Will Mazzola
Sound Production: Sonido
Partner: FOM
Approved by/Client: Antonio Luis Navarro

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