Nerd Wallet Extends "Turn to the Nerds" Platform in New Campaign; First Work Under New CMO

“Turn to the Nerds” launched last summer, and it was designed to introduce the NerdWallet brand as a friendly, approachable resource - and showed this

Top ten tips for teams on placement from Johnny and Angus

Listen up, young and old, n00bs and not Johnny and Angus have made a list of 10 Little Nuggets for Placement Teams. Their advice is solid.
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Pounding the Pavement - how to show your portfolio

To show your book around is painful, frustrating,and time consuming, what should one do? We've all been there.

The A B C's of advertising rules.

Work off of a proposition from a good strategic brief. It tells you who you are talking to, and what they need/want this product for.

Paul Arden's Lecture at the D&AD

"Everybody probably does want to be good but not everybody are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes.
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