Burger King France wants you to vote for which Burger shall be only €2 next week.

From September 2nd to October 6th, BURGER KING® sets up a new political meeting in France and launches Democratic Burger: the first 2€ democratically

Lacoste - Crocodile Inside (2019) :45 (France)

Megaforce's epic odyssey to a fragmenting relationship.

Häagen-Dazs Gelato - Argument - (2013) :30 (USA)

Is the new Häagen-Dazs Gelato Italian enough to please the Italians? When this couple stops arguing we might find out.

Papa Murphy's Pizza-- ketchup :30 (2012) USA

Sometimes? Families run hot. Sometimes, families run cold.
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Ricola - Street argument (2003) :15 (USA)

Adressändring - Amen Durå (1997) 30 (Sweden)

"Jag är så trött på dina kompisar, din mamma, dina.."

Tareyton - Charcoal filter - 0:30 (USA) 1969

TWA - Fight - 0:55 (USA) 1969

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