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Bud Light NEXT - Zero In The Way Of Possibility (2022) :60 (USA)

Bud light break free from boring while promising zero carb beer.

Reinserta - Sentencia Libertad - (2021)

The Mexican Cartels are recruiting children and forcing them, under threat of death, to commit crimes. Today, these children are in jail, paying se

Absolut - ‘IT’S IN OUR SPIRIT’ campaign & short film celebrates being #togetherIRL

The ‘It’s in our spirit’ campaign features global stars like actress Tessa Thompson, musicians MNEK & Jolin Tsai, and gamer Ricki Ortiz battling t

Mediterranean Towers - “Alive & Kickin’ (2020) Israel

“A few old people is no reason to shutdown a whole country” – that’s how our latest campaign for the “Mediterranean Towers” Senior Living Residence ki
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Vote for the best art in the #ARTXFREEDOM content

#ARTXFREEDOM exists to gather and join forces with artists to fight a battle against sexual exploitation.

Montefiore Health System: "In honor of all the brave nurses. Now and forever."

Alto and Montefiore Health System has thrown a ticker-tape parade for the nurses of New York, just in time for International nurses day and nurses wee

Creativity Meets Compassion: KEEPGOING Virtual Gallery Fundraiser Launches With Hundreds Of Images From Notable Directors & DPs Worldwide

Prints Available For Sale Support Industry Freelancers VIa The Motion Picture & Television Fund The film industry supports 2.1 million jobs in

Microsoft Hololens 2 - Marina Abramović - Virtual Art (2020) 2:00 (USA)

Marina Abramović speaks about being a virtual artist on Microsoft Hololens 2
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Banksy who once claimed "copyright is for losers" sued an Italian museum for copyright infringement

Banksy fans are a lot like fans of Donald Trump.

Katarina Stegnar's performance art poster #hatebetter shocks

Katarina is a performance artist in Slovenia, but her outdoor poster in Ljubljana advertising her upcomping piece #hatebetter, may have turned into an

Visit the Salvador Dalí museum, and Dalí himself will take a selfie with you

If you are looking for a reason to visit Florida, here's one: Goodby Silverstein & Partners have brought Salvador Dalí back to life in the Da
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BK Burger King - Eat Like Andy #EatLikeAndy (2019) :45 (USA)

Eat like Andy. Notice that Andy who is from Pittsburgh adds extra Heinz to his burger. I honestly thought this was an ad for Heinz.

HORNBACH gives toilets a voice with an installation / experiential campaign

It’s one of the last taboos, so leave it to the German nation to dive headfirst into… toilets.

Hendricks Gin - Escape ‘Undeniably peculiar, utterly delicious” (2018) :30 (South Africa)

Ree Treweek always creates something that I love.

Lexus "Letters" (2018) 1:00 (USA)

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Apple - One Night Shot on iPhone 7 - (2017) :60 (USA)

So the iPhone has no headphone jack, comes in matte black and has a this and a that and a blah blah blah.

The Next Rembrandt sweeps Cannes

J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam wins the Grand Prix in Cyber and the Grand Prix in Creative Data
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The Art of the Icehotel - original every year.

A visit in the ICEHOTEL promises interesting memories of snow, dog sleigh rides, an amazing natural landscape and perhaps some aurora borealis to boot

Guernsey’s Auctions the Historical Posters that Sold World War 1 (June30-July1)

The US Army, Navy and Air Force run some of the best recruitment campaigns on television.

Pantone pixel art recreating famous works of art - and album covers.

London artist Nick Smith has made several pieces of Pantone pixel art recreating famous works of art which is on exhibit at Lawrence Alkin Gallery unt

Miami street artist sues American Eagle for infringement.

If you're a fan of street art and/or a Miami resident, you are no doubt familiar with AholSNiffsGlue's work. And if you're a greedy ap

Life In Five Seconds - Vincent Van Gogh - (2012) :20 (USA)

This is all you need to know to get through a quick Art History class. A+

University of Arizona - Bear Down / Lather, Rinse, (Don't) Repeat: Institutional Advertising

Every Fall brings a new cycle of institutional spots, showcasing schools outside the football field.

Can't afford a hotel? That's OK, Clarion will let you 'pay' with your art.

The Clarion Hotel in southern Stockholm is offering guests the chance to stay a night for free - provided they donate a piece of self-made art.

Die Antwoord - Evil Boy (Explicit Version) - (2010)

Four minutes and thirty nine seconds of WTF!?, featuring Wanga, a teenage Xhosa emcee, and Diplo himself.

Kanye West - POWER - Premieres tonight on MTV

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Radostar announces winners of Milan Zona Tortona trip. Dabitch is one of them.

Radostar announced the winners of the Zona Tortona trip, and here's the shocker (for me) - I'm one of them - winning for my Cosmonaut wall p

Kanye West - "See You in My Nightmares" - (2009) 11:08 (USA)

"We were once a fairytale" is a short film slash music video directed by Spike Jonze starring KLanye West and his song "See You in My N

Art For Ransom (2009) :(USA)

Civilisation (MEGAPLEX) 2008 By Marco Brambilla


Equinox - Candles/Figure Drawing/Natural Beauty/Table (2008) Print (USA)

Equinox's new campaign by Fallon is titled "Happily Ever." The ads feature images of hot bodies posing in provocative positions with th

Polycell ambient stunt at the Tate.

Got Neon?

The neon known as the Artkraft Strauss Collection - ArtKraft.com - is being auctioned at Freeman's auction house if you're looking for some

The anti-Christo

Austrian artists Christoph Steinbrener & Rainer Dempf have created an installation called Delete!

SoundAds - Dutch photographers combined print with sound

Some of the greatest Dutch photographers and illustrators combined print with sound.

Swedish Cow Parade lost some cattle.


Remember Auschwitz souvenirs spark controversy.

Here's some controversy about clothing. According to Yahoo!
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Kinkade's bid to get on even more walls

This week's Advertising Age -- only the print version, unfortunately -- has a short piece on the upcoming ad campaign for a line of home products

Badland does Album covers

Some people believe that every ad that is similar in idea to another ad, is a rip-off.

Secret - Nude (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

The artist is nervous


Err umm there is a disturbing similarity between the D&AD award winning Britart.com campaign from Mother and the ADCNY award-winning L.A.

Visa - Artist (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

Roc - Actif Pur (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

Becks "Romeo" (1999) :30 (USA)

Tate Liverpool -Art - (1988) 0:30 (UK)

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SoloFlex - Work of Art (1985) - 0:30 (USA)

Peter Max paints panty hose for Burlington-Cameo - print, 1970

Peter Max is a German-American artist known for using bright colours in his work.

"The blind are also color blind" - support of the Civil Rights bill, 1964

Photo Taken At The Foundation For The Junior Blind Summer Camp, Los Angeles, By Doug Wilson.
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