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Creative's in-joke or did we miss something?

The new online campaign for Scion iQ has us all a bit perplexed. And not in a good way. Perhaps it was just an in-joke gone awry.

Scion : Dudes n' Donuts! - (2012)

Wankers with (skim) milk.

Scion : Babes n' Donuts - (2012)

Bikini babes doing donuts while eating donuts. You read that wrong, by the way. Or maybe not.

Really silly ad for the Ukranian army - Tank cruising for babes!

Please tell me this ad with its not so subtle "tank cannons are phallic!" symbolism isn't for real.

Ukranian Armed Forces - "Contract!" - (2007)

Mr "I got a car, so I get the babes" is soon beaten by the posse of "We have tanks, so we get the babes".

Rolling Rock - Beer Ape - (2007) :45 (Canada)

ad agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Popsecret "fan site" created by professionals.


Can these ads really tempt Americans to SMS?

Text messaging isn't all too popular in the states we hear, while mini-keyboard beepers have carried text messages for a long time, people use th
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Arla treat women like cows.

Arla treat women like cows.

Camel - Satisfaction, Camel Filters style - 1978 print USA

Some men taste it all. Rich warm flavor. Smooth even taste. Solid satisfaction.

1970 Dodge Charger 500 - Beach Proposal / Elliot - (1970) :30 (USA)

If you can handle a change of image..... You could be Dodge material.

Volkswagen - Funeral- (1969) 0:60 (USA)

The classic beetle ad, where the young man who saves his pennies and drives a smart gasoline saving car inherits the millions.
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