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Adland's twitter account has been suspended.

Adland's Twitter account has been suspended.

Apple "Oversharing" (2020) 1:00 (USA)

Apple's here to remind you that it doesn't share your private info. *wink*
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The Adland Podcast ep 9: Adpulp founder David Burn on the trades, the internet and paying people for their work

This week on the Adland podcast, David Burn from Adpulp has a lively discussion with Dabitch about, well, practically everything and then some.
Dabitch in uniform, Sweden circa 1989

Adland resurrected - heck we do it to dead movie stars and ad slogans, so why not Adland itself.

I suppose I should apologize for the long absence. It was a forced vacation if you will.

Slate's Anti Copyright rant sounds like a letter from your psycho ex.

Slate has a new blog post out under their Future Tense section entitled "Hollywood's Copyright Lobbyists Are Like Exes Who Won't Give U
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