Jamba Juice searches for inspiration, decides to copy Get Your War on comic instead. Badland.

Many of you have laughed at David Rees's Get your war on, the simple political satire comic based on clip art and razor-sharp wit.
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More flies in the honey

After seeing Grey Aukland's Cannes award winning ad for No Bugs insect spray, I thought I had seen something very similar before, besides the Gar

Skol / Hägar the horrible - Karate - (1989) :30 (UK)

General Foods - Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles / Psychic Reading (1981) :30 (USA)

Bedrock bowling league?

Pursettes tampon ad - I spilled my secret and he almost picked it up - 1974

I was always a sucker for the "cartoon ad", because as a young'un, I would read anything that looked like a cartoon.
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