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Zulu Alpha Kilo - Left-Handed Mango Chutney (2022) 2:15 (Canada)

Zulu Alpha Kilo muses about the advertising industry in this film, once again shining a light on how absurd it is at times.

UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" - case study

A case study for the UN Women Australia "When will she be right?" advert.

Vice - The Unfiltered History Tour (Digital)

The Unfiltered History Tour is a guerrilla tour of the British Museum's stolen artefacts.

Pepsi: #BetterWithPepsi case study

Case study for the "Pepsi announces on #Nationalburger day that burgers are #BetterWithPepsi" campaign.
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German Cancer Aid makes the world’s first UV warning beach flag

Berlin creative agency Heimat has worked with German Cancer Aid to create the world's first Sun Warning Flag - a dedicated flag and warning syste

Arrels Fundació #VISIBLE Case Study / Making the invisible homeless visible - (2022) 2:00 (Spain)

Remember when Sherpa, Barcelona, made the invisible homeless people very visible? 

Burger King - Did you mean Whopper? - Case study (2022)

On International Hamburger Day 2021 - which was Friday May 28 -

Google Mountain View “Real Tone” technology case study (2022)

Case study for the real tone technology in Google's photo app. 

Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate / Dick Pics

Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate

OUIGO - The Snow cam takeover (2022) case study (France)

5 TAGLINES IN TOTAL: 10€ will get you to this side of the screen. (the Alps, from 10€) Are you grounded or what? Go on, do it.

ING Turkey - 8 March 8 Prejiduces 8 Female Illustrators (2022) case study (Turkey)

8 March 8 Prejiduces 8 Female Illustrators - ING Turkey

Kärcher - Matter of fact Vacuum Cleaner - case study (2022)

Vacuum Cleaner

Honda Motor Co - Last dance / The Formula 1 champion - (2021) case study and print

This print ad ran in newspapers and social media to alert the Japanese public to Honda's last formula 1 race.

IKEA - CIRKULÄR - (2022) case study (Denmark)

In IKEA Cirkulär you will find products that deserve another chance. They may have had an owner before.

Tetra Pak - There is always a way - (2021) - package design (Iran)

Collected tetra pack cartons recycled to make nests for birds!

Polestar - Art for Art (2021) 2:00 (Sweden)

ACNE and Polestar created "art for art", a way to get the last Polestar car by trading it for art.

Pfaff Harley-Davidson - “Tough Turban” (2021) 2:00 (Canada)

Every so often there is an innovative idea that just makes you applaud when you see it. This is one of them. 

The Beauty of Blackness - Relaunching Fashion Fair with Black Beauty (2021)

Black beauty is Beauty - case study

Volvo puts their blind spot technology in a digital billboard (2021) case study (Belgium)

The blind spot is one of the main causes of serious or fatal bicycle accidents.

HEINEKEN - The Driver's Fridge (2020) case study (Singapore)

Thirsting for a cold one before driving? Hold our beer.

Introducing "parenthesis advertising" - the band Bye Bye Bicycle trolled Spotify to announce comeback

Indie band Bye Bye Bicycle needed to advertise the release of their new album and comeback... But they only had indie band budget.
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Bolt - "Save your ears" (2020) case study (Ukraine)

BBDO Ukraine with "Save your ears" for Bolt

Marriott ‘The Split Sponsorship’ (2020) 2:00 (Hong Kong)

Congratulations to Ogilvy Digital in Hong Kong, who won an APAC Effie Gold with this clever campaign that played both sides. 

Sony, Dante Spinetta, and Argentine Organ Donation NGO INCUCAI launch a music video you can only see through other peoples eyes.

Wunderman Thompson Argentina teams up with world-renowned music brand, top musician Dante Spinetta, and Argentine Organ Donation NGO INCUCAI to create

Samsung Galaxy S10: A 943 km Photograph, the world's largest panorama, case study (2020)

I love this idea almost as much as I love Portugal.

Safety Cake: the cake that can save lives

You should treat your friends like cake.

Göteborgs-Posten newspaper has Swedes putting themselves up on display to experience prejudice firsthand

Anewspaper deliveres news, but that's not the only job of a journalist.

The new Sauvage, le Parfum - A dialogue between cultures & The song that changed rock n' roll

These are the two "behind the scenes "clips released to tease the new Sauvage campaign with Johnny Depp.

The "Restaurant of Mistaken Orders" , a pop-up restaurant where all the servers have dementia to raise awareness

The restaurant of mistaken order is not your regular flashy pop-up.

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and the StopCancer Association present: The Cancer That Stuck Me

The Cancer That Stuck Me A campaign for a new Cancer Association dedicated raising awareness to the needs of young adult cancer patients
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Surfrider "United States and Oceans of America"

At a time when other brands are waving their middle fingers, Surfrider is waving the flag.

Ad agency "hijacks" national alarm system to signal time for coffee break. Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency is upset.

Last week in Sweden, Åkestam & Holst and their client Pressbyrån "hijacked" the alarm signal system, "Viktigt meddelande till allmä

Oral-B - You're out! Yom Kippur 100% clean special campaign.

Oral-B had a single insight that can only work in a very religious Jewish country.

The “Achooframe”, sneezes when it's dusty so you'll remember to call the cleaners. DOME - Russia

The Russian cleaning company DOME released a unique photo frame with a dust detector that notifies you with sneezing when it’s time to clean the apart

TeenVoice encourages people to take a stand against climate change

For some, the withdrawal from the Paris Accord by the United States has dimmed the prospects of tackling climate change. Many are worried that the pro

AIB & Women’s Aid - the abusive tellar machine (2019) :90 (Ireland)

AIB ATMs Reveal the Shocking Truth of Financial Abuse AIB, Women’s Aid and ROTHCO seek to raise awareness and improve support for thousands of

YWCA - Don’t get bought off (Laisse-toi pas acheter) (2019) case study (Canada)

This is a case study of an Instagram campaign that was aimed at preventing sexual exploitation recruitment amongst young women on Instagram.
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The Last Ever Issue - Gazeta.pl, Mastercard, BNP Paribas (2019) 2:00 (Poland) case Study

This is a fantastic idea. I love it!

Street Grace Stop Traffick 72 bus billboard (USA) Case Study 2019

A kick-ass idea for a great cause.

Centre Pompidou : Souvenirs De Paris - case study (2018) 2:40 (France)

To attract tourists to the somewhat unknown Centre Pompidou, they had the brilliant idea of making little tourist souvenirs of it.
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The Hidden Pride Flag at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia - (2018) case study (Spain)

A coup at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Delhaize "Magic vegetables" (2018) 1:57 (Belgium)


Rak’n’Roll "Percent Beer" (2018) 1:35 (Poland)

Länsförsäkringar (insurance company) - #ImPerfect case study (2018) 2:00 (Sweden)

Länsförsäkringar (insurance company) - #ImPerfect case study

Opel "Jade" (2018) 2:17 (The Netherlands)

Audi "Backseat driver" (2018) 1:47 (Sweden)

Audi Sweden created the backseat driver experience for all women who are fed up with men telling them how to drive.

Europride - The Voice of Change (2018)1:25 - Sweden

The Voice of Change is an innovative radio spot recorded over seven months.

Life is Good "The power of optimism" (2018) 1:30 (USA)

BMW Christmas Safety Card (2017) 1:12 (Belgium)

MIXX Awards "A.I. Advertising Judge" (2017) 1:21 (Belgium)

At the MIXX Awards advertising award show in Brussels.

Honda "#hondanetxtdoor" (2017) :55 (France)

Carlsberg- Happy new year (2017) :12 (Israel)

Latet "Skip a meal" (2017) :42 (Israel)

Gillette BabyFace haptic tablet experience - case study (Israel)

Beard fashion was bad for Gillette and for babies, whose only language of communication is touch. Research proved that soft warm contact is essenti

XINCAFE: Sonic Sweetener (2017) China

Takamori Kadoi of Beijing Dentsu, Shanghai office, in China explains this innovative idea.

Help Kenya Not Kanye (2016) case study (USA)

Gabriel Ferrer, Alma's senior copywriter, was minding his won business roaming twitter one day when he saw one of Kanye's epic rants.

Refugees Welcome: "Search Racism. Find truth." (2016) case study (Germany)

FCB Zurich partnered with the organisation Refugees Welcome to create “Search racism. Find truth.” youtube pre-roll campaign.
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AIDES - I, AIDS - Case Study (2016) (France)


Lucky Iron Fish - (2015) case study (UAE)


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