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Sonera - Speed test print ad - Finland

There seems to be a gold rush lately in making print ads not just print ads, this one turns into a speed-test game on any smartphone where you can cha
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Opel Movano - The banner ad that carries 2 Gigabyte files for you - case study

So many things I love here, the fact I can send my ripped DVDs to a frine via an Openl banner is just one of them.

Dial for men - "Camp Dirt" - case study.

The best part of any bath or shower is getting dirty. No, not that kind of dirty (well... ok, yeah that too), I mean the grime-kind of dirty.
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Sapporo Shadow Projections - event case study

Dentsu Canada are spreading a bit of Japanese joy to Canada with these shadow projections.

New campaign turning the URL bar into media space - Israel

In Israel, the amount of banners per person is the highest in the world.
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ph creative - the first campaign ever on google+ - 2011

This is how we used google plus to expose our portfolio of our new creative agency in Israel. creative, google, hazan, igal, meiran, pachman, ph, p

Vodafone case study credits the January 25 Egyptian revolution to... a Vodafone ad.

There's been much chatter about this Vodafone case study, which looks at an ad campaign created by advertising agency JWT for telecom giant Vodaf

Chemmart Pharmacy - Hoarse Whisperer - case study

SAP - Bit.code - case study

Silver award for Spatial Design in the One Show 2011. Jointly commissioned by SAP and the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, bit.code

Case Study: White Bull Lager

Lullaland - Goodnight hashtag Case Study - (2011)

This video goes with this story: Faking it in social media = the new way to get youtube visits?

Pressbyrån - "Mellanmålsbyrån" / The "Snack-agency" wins Golden Egg award - Case Study (2011)

Since the case study is in Swedish, I'll explain what's going on.

Mercedes - Sprinter applies for a job (2011) case film

Chicco / Say Kee-Ko Case Study (2011)

HUSH - the Babies are Trying to Say "Chicco"

JWT brings you free BBQ at SxSW (case study 2011)

This is the case study for an internal promotion project done at JWT.
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Global Mood Clocks - website and app case study (Canada)

Discover the world’s first Global Mood Clocks that reflect the “mood” of a city by showing the dominant colour from the latest GPS tagged photo upload

Veikkaaja Sports Magazine: Supporters From Finland

Veikkaaja is the biggest sports magazine in Finland.

Tipp-Ex - A hunter Shoots a Bear / Case study

Making of HaveYouBeenShortlisted.com - (2010)

Each time a new gadget craze sweeps the Internet, there's a high probability that the movers and shakers in the advertising world will be among i

Twelpforce - Best Buy Blue Shirts Twitter case study


Dagens Industri - The Case Study of the Zoo

MAPFRE Insurance - The City Speaks - (2010): Ogilvy Peru

The target audience was an existing customers (people that visit the Lima Historic Center, that do not value the atractivive the city has).
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Sniff Responsibly

To announce our 2nd edition of scratch n sniff direct mail promos for our photographers, we wanted to do a short teaser video acknowledging that we kn

Swedish Armed Forces / försvarsmakten - Who cares? - (2012) (Sweden)

As this stunt actually happened, I seriously contemplated going to that box. Yep.

D&AD Creative Search demo video

Four students launches D&AD Creative Search as a tool for other students during the D&AD Students Award 2010. The Internet has a huge role in

Brother - The First Billboard / movie - (2009) :30 (France)

The movie showing the first billboard printed in A3 by the printer depicted in the ad.

BP Ultimate "Takes you further" making of video

SIXT Wi-fi guerilla rental offer at stations (2008)

JvM created this for SIXT in the airport of Hamburg.

Dexter - Bloody guerilla stunt / Murder in Lisbon case study, Portugal

Welcome to Torke

HBO - Voyeur - (2008) 3:07 (USA)

The campaign goal was to fortify HBO against increasing competition by strengthening the brand's relationship with super-fans.

Scalextric - Be Little Water - (2008) :30 (Spain)

For Tecnitoys/Scalextric; Scalextric was looking to create a brand-building online viral.

Red Bull really does give you wings


A "Case" Study in Non-Marketing

An article over at The New York Times [free registration required -or use name fodosnak, pass fodosnak] presents the story of the resurgence of intere


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