"A Swedish raccoon" Covid-19 information mascot denied due to copyright infringement

The region of Skåne in Sweden wanted a cheeky mascot to remind people to wash their hands and created a Swedish racoon as a mascot.

Twitter sued for copyright infringement & for ignoring DMCA takedown requests

The recent rumblings about the Twitter copyright Infringement Report feature, and possibly overzealous removals of tweets such as Jim Edwards screendu

Twitter deletes Business Insider's Jim Edwards posts due to "copyright infringement"

Business Insider's Jim Edwards writes i "A bank persuaded Twitter to delete my tweets", that Twitter deleted two of his tweets that dis

"Russians don't need visas" - nor do they need copyright

A funny thing happened on twitter today, David Patrikarakos found this snarktastic t-shirt that reads “Russians don’t need visas”. T-shirt at GUM s

Bridgestone - A Dog's Life - (2002) 0:30 (Thailand)

SIIA - Don't copy that floppy - (1992)

Did I hear you right? Did I hear you saying that you're going to make a copy of a game without paying?
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