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Nike and Beats by Dre respond to George Floyd's murder.

Tensions are running high on day two of protests and riots across America in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of murderous police.

Göteborg Energi : Lets keep it together campaign - OOH, Sweden

"The climate is changing, so should we"

Nike - #playinside #playfortheworld

Nike tells everyone to stay inside

A McDonald's Pickle has a lot to say

Fancy some body copy in your brand?

"It seems obvious that words must be important to brands because words are needed to tell their stories.

’ingle ’ells, ’ingle ’ells - “Don't forget the J&B.” (1995) printad, USA

“Don't forget the J&B.”

’ingle ’ells, ’ingle ’ells — the holidays aren’t the same without J&B (1993) printad, USA

’ingle ’ells, ’ingle ’ells — the holidays aren’t the same without J&B.

AIDS - erase it - use a rubber - (1993) :20 (Scotland)

ERASE IT! Use a rubber!
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