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"If you read only six advertising books" - meet the authors of the six best ones.

"It's kind of like ad school, except the professors may or may not be wearing pants."

NuContext & Founder/Executive Producer Angela Guice Celebrate 15 Years of Success

Specializing in the conception, production, and post-production of promotional marketing campaigns and branded content for film and television series,

Definition 6 Welcomes Jeff Licciardi As SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Customer experience agency Definition 6 has added Jeff Licciardi as SVP, Strategic Partnerships.

Why Independent Agency Collaboration is essential right now.

Life, culture, the world around us, it’s all moving incredibly fast.
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Adland Creative Cities: Ljubljana

I'm Gašper Meden, I am a journalist at Marketing Magazin in Slovenia, and I'll show you one of Europe’s most charming (and underrated) capit

Eight VFX Names Jens Mebes as New York Creative Director

With an extensive background in design, visual effects and live action, Mebes seeks to create ‘magical realism’ in the projects he directs.

From marker roughs to finished ad, the PG tips story

Students, curious onlookers, clients and ad-dicts alike should promptly leave here and go read David Dye's "Encounters with Monkey", wh

FAD "Create" (2015) 1:06 (Spain)

Create whatever you want, but create something because the more you create the less room there is for drugs.

Ad Chat: Luke Sullivan on creative culture and not being an asshat

Luke Sullivan needs no introduction, really.

"If you don't hire us.. we will... we will... get gay married!"

Most creative teams in advertising know that a perfect working partnership is very much like a great marriage.

Where are all the black ad men in Mad Men?

Season five of AMC's Mad Men is soon here and fans are eagerly awaiting it, while others are still asking the question: Where are all the black m

CP+B has the Swedish Golden Egg awards re-judged by international jury.

To create the print campaign, this years awards book, and a web film for the 2011 Golden Egg awards, CP+B Europe decided to have an international jury

The 2010 Golden Egg awards RE-judged

How do you put together the best jury for judging Swedish advertising?
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Sniff Responsibly

To announce our 2nd edition of scratch n sniff direct mail promos for our photographers, we wanted to do a short teaser video acknowledging that we kn

Ad Nauseam: the back to school book for budding ad-cynics.

Thanks to Carrie McLaren I got myself a copy of the Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture as seen here, posing on a pile of sick bags wit

Nouveau? Or not. The book from french Badland-King Joe la pompe

Joe La Pompe, the anonymous French guy who has been publishing twin ads on the web for almost as long as I have been Badlanding ads, has published a b

School of Visual Arts - Think - ambient, USA

Short rationale: Creative thinkers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher and Milton Glaser teach classes at the School of Visual Arts. This campaign

Dabitch wants the ABCD3D book for Xmas!

I want this book pretty dang bad, ABC3D is as much a work of art as it is a pop-up book - each letter moves and some turn into other letters when you

Perfect Day guys go Freelance

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"Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads."

The Hack by Luke Sullivan. Many thanks to Luke Sullivan for e-mailing me this part of his book. - Dabitch Yes, clients can misbehave.

John Gillard has passed away

John Gillard - the man who founded and was the burning fire behind the School of Communication Art in London, passed away this past Saturday. John

St Luke's in Stockholm


St Luke's worldwide domination begins in the north.

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