Timber Collaborates With Leo Burnett/Detroit On Buick Commercial Featuring Amazon’s Alexa

The visual effects & design team at Timber collaborated closely with agency creatives at Leo Burnett/Detroit over the summer on the recent Buick c

Burger King France wants you to vote for which Burger shall be only €2 next week.

From September 2nd to October 6th, BURGER KING® sets up a new political meeting in France and launches Democratic Burger: the first 2€ democratically
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Facebook Home - Dinner - (2013) :60 (USA)

Facebook home brings us new ways to completely ignore our extended family at dinner.
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Spring Tea - Ring - (Israel)

See also Spring tea - Party Spring Tea, is an Israeli Ice tea drink.

Mia och Klara - Nätfiske - 2009: 2:03 - (Sweden) no subs

This add (one of three) where done to tell about the microsoft explorer 8.

Classic Coffee - Punchline - (2003) 0:30 (Sweden)

Tired people are slow to get the punchline..... "...the mailbox. And on that it reads; "I saw you"

Kinko's - Proposal (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

Aalborg - Sardiner - (1992) 0:60 (Denmark)

A man runs into issues opening a can of sardines.  "Kun snapsen kan få en dåse sardiner..." Only the snaps can get a cane of sardines
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McDonald's - Dip Into the Season - (1987) :30 (USA)

Ad agenycy: DDB

Northwestern Mutual - Convention (1982) - 0:30 (USA)

Dinner with the co-workers brings up some stuff.

Indiana Bell - The Kids are Fine (regional) (1981) - 0:30 (USA)

Joey called.

Birds Eye Beefburgers - Dan & Ben - (1973) :30 (UK)

"He'll never be a poor starving artist."
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