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Citra Whitening Body wash - Rubberducky - print, Indonesia

Unilever - you know, the people with both Dove and Axe in their product portfolio also sell stuff that makes yellow duckies white.

Refused anti-Foie gras ads - too shocking says railway company

Down in Belgium the animal rights activist group GAIA has gotten their anti-Foie gras campaign banned, sorta.

Heineken - Joke (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Think - Saigon - 0:30 2003 (sweden)

walks like a duck.. talks like , well, not a duck...

P&G walks like a duck....

Ah, procter and gamble's marketing geniuses have come up with yet another brilliant plan in order to sell some soap.
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Megafestatie '99 - Whistle tester - (1999) 0:30 (Belgium)

testing whistles

IBM - Charlie Chaplin - Ducks (1985) - 0:30 (USA)

Charlie tries to get all his ducks in a row.
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