Grace Jones


Grace Jones - "Corporate Cannibal" - (2008) 6 minutes (USA)

Some of us are slaves to Grace Jones and her knack for reinventing herself each time to something larger than life

Honda Scooters - Grace Jones Baby II - (1986) :30

Another version of Grace Jones' baby wisdom. Oh Grace.

Grace Jones Citroen CX - La Beaute Sauvage - (1986) :40 (France)

Grace Jones apparently parks her car in a giant model of her own head. Of course she does. She is Grace Jones after all.

Honda Scooters - Grace Jones & Adam Ant - (1985) :30

Grace persuades Adam to try the Honda Scooter - this is the US daytime version where her nibbling of Adam's ear has been edited out.

Honda Scooters - Grace Jones / Baby - (1984) :30

When we're born, we're all pretty much the same - yeah all except you Grace. When you were made god broke the mold.
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