Bar chain "Shotluckan" proclaims themselves their own country to avoid 10 pm ban on alcohol sales

A Swedish bar-chain named, roughly translated, "The Shot spot" and with the motto "Life's too short to sip drinks" has procla

IKEA Bahrain pulls a fast one with "bad translation" of their signage.

Ikea Bahrain has pulled as fast one on everyone - or just saved face after a huge mistake. You be the judge, either way it was all over social media.

Burger King changes signs to "Stay home"

Yet another brand promotes corona social distancing

The Glue Society Debuts Brexit-Inspired Installation at London Design Festival

The striking 6m-high installation inverts the familiar mechanics of a forklift, depicting a conspicuously airborne machine overwhelmed in its attempt

Giant pink condoms covering tall things - Twice


9/11 Forward. Together. - street art

A group of Miami ad school students made this street art vandalizing tour (I'm not judging, I did it too when I was a student in the 90s), and a

Heineken "The Seat" (2013) 2:15 (Italy)

Kidum: The first QR Code activated by IQ

Here is a guerilla campaign our agency Yehoshua/TBWA created to boost enrolment to Kidum – a school that preps you for SAT exams.  

Thai Health Promotion Foundation - Smoking Kid - guerilla (2012) Thailand

Ogilvy were tasked with the issue of reminding adult smokers that smoking is like , bad for you mmm'kay?

Off-Center - Drag Machine - Pipes postes (2012)

A rather un-subtle way to advertise drag queen night, with the pipe hanging out. 

Patriotic American flag crosswalks found in NYC on 9/11

We got this message in our inbox, together with these images.

Aura Car Wash - Bird Poop ambient ads (India)

"The cleanest way to do a dirty job",

Cool outdoor, a refrigerator billboard for Coke

Coca Cola and McCann Erickson, Istanbul built a refrigerator poster at a bus stop, Looks like it was held together a bit sturdier than the double side
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The flogo cloud machine making happy smiley clouds instead of ads

Honestly, I thought that the "logo cloud machine" or "floating logos" from Skywriting would be responsible for spewing N

Miami guerilla agency tattoos kids for fashion brand.

SIXT Wi-fi guerilla rental offer at stations (2008)

JvM created this for SIXT in the airport of Hamburg.

Dexter - Bloody guerilla stunt / Murder in Lisbon case study, Portugal

Welcome to Torke

Peta cages naked pregnant lady for Mothers day

PETA is at it again, but instead of undressing celebrities they've stripped one of their "very pregnant" members named Noemie down to h

Lynx launches new fragrance with the help of Keeley Hazell

Page three girl Keeley Hazell helped launch a new fragrance for Lynx in London today, and judging by the pictures alone I gather that:

Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your SmallBusiness

When Guerrilla Marketing was first published in 1983, Jay Levinson revolutionized marketing strategies for the small-business owner with his take-no-p

Mophonics artist Four Fifty One tapped by 86theonions for Upshot tour

More and more clients are starting to look to music production houses for more than just licensing a track or composing an original song.

How About A Nice Brown Shirt With Those Chinos. (Hoax)

No stranger to getting under the skins of the decency police, Abercrombie & Fitch might once again be in hot water thanks to a new poster campaign
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Stolen Jeans, the story of not stolen copy-concept

Fans of Badland know that sometimes, twin ideas just happen.

Football in Portugal, causes worldwide football fever: and giant balls to drop onto cars

Just in case anyone might have forgotten about the Lisbon championships, Nike stores in Bankok created this heavy reminder.

You Thought the Subservient Chicken Was Cool

The CP+B did it again, now for the Mini cooper. Strange world, strange imagination.
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The Advertising Show - Guerilla Marketing


Waiter! There’s an ad in my soup!

I’m a fan of guerilla marketing, but a company called Gourmet Impression has taken it too far.
1 Comment wins Cannes gold with audi poster

Like I mentioned earlier, saatchi&saatchi won gold with their Audi poster in Cannes today.

Barking mad dog billboards

Barking Billboards is a new media company, attaching small billboards to dogs with velcro.

Tattoo ads eyesore

When we suggested tattoo ads a couple of years back in Pigeon-Holed, we were just kidding. riddles amsterdam

The worlds first dog-billboard? "Bark if you love Bonzo!"

Headline reads: "Bark if you love Bonzo!"
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