Doritos Blaze vs Mtn Dew Ice - Morgan Freeman & Missy Elliot vs Peter Dinklage & Busta Rhymes (2018) :60 (USA)

These two thirty-second ads will air back to back during the super bowl LII 2018.
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The Art of the Icehotel - original every year.

A visit in the ICEHOTEL promises interesting memories of snow, dog sleigh rides, an amazing natural landscape and perhaps some aurora borealis to boot

AC Delco - Ice Block Demo (1982) - 0:30 (USA)

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Afri Cola - Afri Lust - (1973) - 0:30 (Germany)

Oh my! A naked man in advertising, quite possibly the first ad ever to be so daring.

Afri Cola - Alpha waves - (1971) - 0:30 (Germany)

Charles Wilp created the most iconic ads for Afri-Cola.

Afri Cola (1970) - 0:30 (Germany)

Afri Cola - Super-sexy-mini-flower-pop-op-cola (1968) :60 (Germany)

Super-sexy-mini-flower-pop-op-cola - alles ist in Afri-Cola! 
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