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Hersey's - Dad Joke / Sign language (2019) :30 (Canada)

Sparks Productions has submitted this little snippet of dad-joke life for Hershey Canada directed by director Amit Mehta

Kmart - Yo Mama! - (2013) :45 (USA)

A group of kids start off with the "Your mama.." BUT, this being a Kmart ad, and these being elementary school kids, the mama-insults are ma

Akron Children's Hospital - Jokes with Doctor - (2013)

A year ago Mackenzie couldn't talk. Today she tells terribly pun-tastic jokes you can't help but laugh at. A neuroSturgeon.

Abbot Ales - Pub Joke - (2009) :10 (UK)

Crossroads Directors JAM have completed an ident campaign for English cask beer Abbot Ale starring the inimitable actor Brian Blessed.

Adland will kill us all!

a website that generates "will kill us all" news stories

David Jones' Adland - totally unrealistic goals......

David Jones sent us a message: I have goals...they're just not realistic.
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Berlitz - German Coastguard - (2006) :30 (Norway)

The coastguard is an idiot. Also, this is a really old "Swedish joke"* joke before it turned into a commercial script.

Narrowing the Gap

KA She Who Svelte It, Dealt It. Through a underground network of dubious characters and quasi-reliable contacts, adland's sibling site Ad to t

Do you work in advertising - or are you a prostitute?

Afflicted Affleck Bounced from Beer Ads

Bond Beware! Lee is here.

Straight white men are the new women in advertising

Going After That Elusive Yeti Demographic

Lowe creates graphic memorial ad.


Drama in Detroit

Sacreligious ad joke

yourstruthfully - anonymous emailer


Advertising Light bulb jokes

advertising light bulb jokes, adland light bulb joke, production light bulb joke

Paul and Linus at Fallon do a Mahir.

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The art director, copywriter, AE and Genie

The Exec - an advertising joke.

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Hey Whipple - squeeze that

Room 101 - a random collection of advertising Quotes


PottyMouthTM shirt up for grabs.

Pigeon Holed - which type of creative are you?

an Interview with John Gillard

Hooters - The Original - (1983) :30 (USA)

Way back when Hooters began in Clearwater Florida, this commercial sold the restaurant concept with the cheery waitress / bikini model and original Ho
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John Smith's - French Lessons - (1981) 0:30 (UK)

Tres bien! Oui oui.
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