Dreaming in Mono - Teaser #2 - (2010) :31 (Sweden)

Created by Perfect Fools and Happy Fiction, this mockumentary tells the story of a mono ski team. The full length mockumentary aired on Channel 6,

Dreaming in Mono - Teaser #1 - (2010) :31 (Sweden)

This McDonald's mockumentary could be seen on Sweden's channel 6 and all episodes are available at

Axe - Naughty 2 Nice - (2007) 4:00 (USA)


Volvo's spoof within a spoof for the S40- Mystery of Dalarö.

A new Volvo ad , a "documentary" (rather, a mockumentary), tells about the "mystery of Dalarö" where 32 families bought the same m

Volvo S40 - The Mystery of Dalaro - (2004)

Read more about the campaign in this article here: "The Mystery of Dalarö - a spoof within a spoof.
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