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Niel French

Nobody reads long copy anymore. Here's why.

T: You always talk about the importance of copy.When you are flicking through a magazine, for example, you see a lot of images, and you keep flicking.

Niel French apologises - kinda

Niel French apologises, maybe, for all that kerfluffle after his talk "A night with Neil French" arranged by ihaveanidea.org in Toronto, Can

Neil French speaks at ihaveanidea in Canada

Neil French, ( the man with the highest rated portfolio website here) hosted "A Night with Niel French" a at I Have an Idea (also popular!)

Campbell's soup - new bigger cans

I have to say right now that the idea of using the old labels on the new bigger cans of soup wasn't mine.

Djarum Cigarillos

A splendid product, from Djarum, in Indonesia. Basically clove cigars. 

For the creative who has everything

Paragraph type: Text & HTML The book Cutting Edge advertising has found it's way here thanks to Neil French, who wrote the foreword, and
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