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Infomercial King Ron Popeil dies at 86.

Ron Popeil, infomercial icon has passed away.
Zwier Veldhoen

Creative copywriter Zwier Veldhoen, 55, passed away suddenly.

On Thursday, April 11, 2019, creative Zwier Veldhoen passed away. He turned 55 years old.

Béla Stamenkovits, legendary Dutch adman and by many considered their best Art Director, has passed away age 69

Béla Stamenkovits, legendary Dutch adman has passed away at the age of 69 two weeks ago from the complications of cancer.

R.I.P. Robin Williams, the creative's creative

I didn't know Robin Williams, but his work was pretty special for me personally.

R.I.P Adidas CMO Hermann Deininger

It's belated, but we wanted to make sure we had some confirmation before publishing this.

Indonesian copywriter dies after working three days straight.

After three days of working nonstop, Y&R Indonesia copywriter Mita Diran was no longer going strong.

Morrie Yohai - creator of Cheez Doodles r.i.p. full page ad in New York post

Oh how sad. The Cheez Doodles man Morrie Yohai is dead. Mark Wnek tweeted : "Love this ad by the Wise food co in today's NYPost".

Hal Riney retires to great agency in the sky at 75

Yes, 75 is fairly young, but ad legend Hal Riney was battling cancer.

Jack Zander narrowly misses 100 years age

Sad news today as the man who introduced the ad world to animation, and enriched the 50's 60s and 70s with stylishly animated commercials for bra

Mr. Whipple Dead at 91

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Ad pioneer Vince Cullers moves to big agency in the sky

Vince Cullers founded Vince Cullers Advertising in 1956, the first black-owned agency, with the daring idea to tailor ad campaigns marketing specifica

Jhoan Camitz died yesterday, hit by a car after a shootout.

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. See the New York Daily for details. (Their spelling mistake is quoted as written)
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