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Put On the Ritz

VW doesn't want you to drool

Reach for a way out

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Sol Beer: Searching for Local Heroes


Pets can help stop domestic abuse.

Don't be fooled by funny money.

Your signature can save a life

Help Mission 22 end the War At Home

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28toomany.org - FGM near you / Flags - print

Greenpeace - Bring Back the Balance - print, India

International Fund for Animal Welfare - The Sly Ones

Pedigree is great for firming up your dog's poop.

VISA doesn't want you to travel with cash

Helsinki Region transport wants us to start biking

Zyrtec Allergy - Leash / Frisbee / Car (2015)

McDonald's Paris makes pictograms

Fontyou - Even Fonts get old

Stockholm Art Week: Stockholm Is Your Canvas

VW Up has some advice for you.

Mow wherever you are with iMow

Introducing BEARDSURANCE by BrokerLink

Calgary Zoo - Safari Brunch

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Churchill - the movie - (2015)

Dinosaurs Alive - They're Here


Clio Awards want you to know the Best Idea Wins

Carlsberg Hof - Probably the best beer FOR the world

Surfers against sewage

Cheil UK creates eclipse-themed ad for Samsung

Spirit Airlines celebrates 69 and copywanking.

Mercedes-Benz Brazil gets sarcastic for Ago

NYU Langone Orthopedics

Dinosaurs Alive - They're Back


Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago: Hornets.

Happy International Women's Day from Volkswagen.

Creative Chatter’s “Ultimate Selfie Campaign” Will Put Your Selfie on Lamar’s Digital Billboards Nationwide

 Creative Chatter Communities, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, is launching an Ultimate Selfie Campaign in partnership with Lamar Advertising Company, one of

Don't wait till it's too late to save African Wildlife

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Nissan self-healing paint

Delta underwear - Help Your Side Win - print (Israel)

Tiffany & Co. asks: "Will you?"

Ariel takes the stain out of just about anything

Kanine Sutra.

Botanical Museum reminds Boston spring colors still exist

Snickers - Hannah Davis / Medusa - (print)


Get Checked Omaha

Go anywhere, in the VW Recreio

Velkopopovicky Kozel brings people back together

Having a baby to young will control your life

Find a needle in a haystack with Roberto Haddad Auctions

Seattle attempts to tell us rain is a backdrop to art

Take the Car out of the equation

Audi Verba wants you to update your nav system

Pita Pit has your resolution solution

Norwegian Airline creates the Flag of Flags

It's gotta be Heinz Ketchup

Migdal Personal Medicare delivers fast results

Shapa Radio Advertising: The power of sound

A McDonald's Pickle has a lot to say

Audi Service Italia: Winter Check

Voice Signature Service from Vodafone

Dig further than the news with Slate


Carlsberg gets festive for Christmas

Ford Edge: Who you callin' tiny? - Poster by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel

Ford Edge: Who you callin' tiny?

McDonald's wakes up early for the late ones

Novotel is so much better.


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