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The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Except for me. Multimedia Campaign For Non-Profit Worth Rises Calls For The End Of The Exception Of The 13th Amendment

Worth Rises is a non-profit advocacy organization founded by Bianca Tylek that is dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploita

Political party MED are returning voters' money - in cash!

On Nya Torg in Höör, Anna Jung and her party mates from Medborgerlig Samling stood today and handed out a hundred notes to surprised Höör residents.

Avocados and Coconuts’ Matthew Palmer Directs Documentary ‘This Land’

Political Documentary Follows Six Unique Groups Of Americans On Election Day

Liberalerna / The Liberals - Frihet måste försvaras / Fredom must be defended (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Election film for the Liberal party 2022.

Alternativ för Sverige / AfS - Alternative for Sweden election film (2022) 4:00 (Sweden)

Yes, settle in, it's yet another Swedish election ad.

Sweden Democrats covered a train with ads - and were reported for "inciting hatred against ethnic groups"

Sweden Democrats don't generally do well when they advertise in the subway-underground-metro system of Stockholm.

Sweden Democrats "So much stronger - Make Sweden great again" election song 2022

Så mycket starkare - Sverigedemokraternas vallåt 2022 - Gör Sverige bra igen

Vänsterpartiet / The Left Party - Who acts when others just talk? (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Vänsterpartiet / The Left Party has arrived on the scene with this year's election ad!

Social Democrats - "Our Sweden can do better" election film / Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

New Billboard in Moscow shows Pippi Longstocking and Moomin as puppets to the USA

DON'T BE TOYS IN ANOTHER HANDS! All this will end with stupid fun on a pile of garbage, noise and uproar, as it has been all my life ...

The KD youth party in Sweden are campaigning on the beach, gain more press as the strategy is accused of being sexist.

It's an election year in Sweden, which means all the parties are fighting for everyone's attention.

Jerone Davison just ran a campaign ad complete with Klansmen and his AR-15

Jerone Davison is running for congress for the state of Arizona, and he's just come out with an ad that is sure to get talked about everywhere. 

Miljöpartiet / The Green Party - Election Film / Alla ska med när Sverige ställer om (2022) :40 Sweden

Alla ska med när Sverige ställer om.
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The Swedish poster in Moscow vandalized - with Swedish apology

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Poster in Moscow shows famous Swedes with the headline "We are against Nazism, but they are not"

Some people in Russia are clearly not happy with recent Swedish political statements.

LO - The whole answer / The Nurse and the Security Guard (2022) :60 (Sweden)

LO, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, has created this ad that not so subtly tells everyone to vote for the Social Democrats.

Southern Progress wants your help to plaster Florida with "Gay" billboards.

The Florida “Parental Rights in Education” bill has been boiled down to a simple slogan "Don't say gay", so Southern Progress wants you

Caitlyn for California - "American Dream" (2021) 3:00 (USA)

Caitlyn Jenner, the celebrity-turned-California-Republican gubernatorial candidate, has released the first commercial in their recall campaign to repl

Spectator magazine doesn't bow to peer pressure, or editorial influence

The UK magazine stands for editorial independence.

Trump / Pence - The Bidening "Inspired by Actual Events" (2020) :60 (USA)

The Bidening "Take The Test November 3rd", this is a campaign ad paid for by Donald J Trump for President Inc.

Women For The Win Releases New Campaign Video For Amanda Stuck

“I thought it was important to highlight the differences between our campaigns,” shares Stuck.

Pattern Integrity Films: #AmericaWakeUp (2020) 2:00 (USA)

I'm not sure how the startup film studio in Portland, Pattern Integrity Films, secured the rights to George Carlin's famous speech, he was f

Stalin Speaks The #deeptruth About The Holodomor - (2020) 1:15 (Canada)

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has returned via Deepfake technology to finally tell the truth about the Holodomor Famine-Genocide, which killed million

Rick Wilson travels back in time to shame Domino's, gets ass handed to him.

In today's Boomer news, Republican Strategist Rick Wilson attempted to pwn Domino's pizza today for committing the sin of responding to a Tw

Nike and Beats by Dre respond to George Floyd's murder.

Tensions are running high on day two of protests and riots across America in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of murderous police.

Trump 2020 - Pelosi "let them eat ice-cream" (2020) :90 (USA)

Political advertising is its own genre and is very different in different countries.

Bernie Sanders - Feel the Bern / Obama (2020) :30 (USA)

"Bernie is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes.

Trump 2020 - Alice Johnson / Criminal Justice reform / Superbowl LIV (2020) :60 (USA)

The story about Alice Johnson carries this ad.
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FOX is keeping the two campaign ads in quarantine, so no products air with Trump nor Bloomberg ads

Fox has decided to run ads from President Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg in separate breaks.

Trump 2020 - Stronger, safer, more prosperous (2020) :30 (USA)

Trump runs a campaign ad in the 2020 Super Bowl LIV

Mike Bloomberg - George - Super Bowl (2020) :60 (USA)

Mike Bloomberg airs this political ad during the super bowl .
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4th october 1983, Sweden's at that point largest demonstration ever against "löntagarfonder"

The ad posters that mobilised 75,000 Swedes against wage earners’ funds in 1983

It has now been 36 years since the first massive demonstration against "Löntagarfonder" took place the very same day as the Swedish Parliam

Reactions to Campaign's Nigel Farage article.

The advertising world was rather taken aback by Campaign's choice of putting Nigel Farage on the cover.

Campaign Magazine puts Nigel Farage on the cover: "Ad industry has 'no idea what's going on in people's lives'"

Farage proclaims in an exclusive interview with Campaign Magazine that the Ad industry has 'no idea what's going on in people's lives&#

Mortierbrigade turns right-wing political posters into human rights posters

The agency and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen recycle Belgian right-wing party posters, and make them for refugees instead.


Happy birthday my fellow American patriots!
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Channel 4 in Sweden refuses political party ad that promotes "Swexit" before EU elections

Just as we learn that Facebook refuses to allow the Christian Democrats to air their campaign ad, we now hear that TV4 refuses to air Alternative For
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Facebook refuses Christian Democrat's election ad, because she is seen hunting in it.

Ella Bohlin is a candidate for the European Parliament from the Christian Democrat party in Sweden.

European Parliament’s new campaign documents real-life births to encourage Europe to vote

With just one month to go until the most important elections in the history of the European Union, the European Parliament is launching a campaign in
KETUTUS — A story of being seriously pissed off

Leo Burnett proudly presents: THE ACCESSIBLE ELECTIONS

Watch Bibi Netanyahu, Yair Lapid, Avi Gabay and other Israeli politicians talk in sign language. A campaign by Access Israel designed to remind polit
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"No On 3, Keep MA Safe" (2018) :30 (USA)

This ad is pretty heavy-handed on the dramatic scare-tactics, which isn't unusual when it's a 30-second political ad trying to convince you

Moderaterna - "Vote for Ulf - Please" (2018) :60 (Sweden)

Ulf Kristersson's wife, speaks frankly to the camera.

Alternative for Sweden (AfS) - A call for help to the American people - 1:20 (Sweden)

This ad has taught me something, it's perfectly legal for citizens of other countries to donate to a political party in Sweden. I had no idea!
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.@Sweden protects "freedom of speech" by blocking 14,400 supposed Nazis on Twitter. Removes block after pushback

The famously controversial PR account for Sweden on Twitter, is once again grabbing news headlines around the world.

Feminist party Sweden jams Swedish flag into meat grinder: "Out with the racists in with the feminists"

It's only a year until the next election in Swede, and the feminist party "Feministiskt Initiativ" a.k.a Fi!

Pepsi "Live for now moments" (2017) 2:40 (USA)

Pepsi, enlists Kendall Jenner in what can only be described as the central casting music video for the social justice ethos, the resistance movement,

Sabo "moving sale" parody billboards taunt anti-Trump celebrities

We had the pleasure of chatting with SABO about his street art; "Search and Destroy - the art of SABO, so we were expecting high level sarcasm an

TRUMP "Pump Trump" raps his acceptance speech in this animation parody

Framebreed have put their animation talents to showing Trump rapping his acceptance speech.

Trump Fans turn Michael Moore quote into political ad

Like I've stated before, Obama may have won the Titanium Lion for his grassroots social media election strategy in 2009, but we've reached a

Trump / Pence - Why? (2016)

We've seen a lot of classic political ads this year, with Josh Whedon taking the piss out of Hollywood choddy ads using every actor he knows, and
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IMPORTANT - Save The Day (2016) (USA)

Joss Whedon has called all of his connections and then some to gather celebrities for this Hollywood-choddy on steroids.

Mike Gallagher for Congress - Running (2020) :30 (USA)

Mike Gallagher on the campaign trail in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District.

Pepe The Frog may decide the US election

Trump - "Deplorables" (2016) :30 (USA)

A classic "attack ad" has just been released by the Trump campaign, using Hillary Clinton's own words against her.

IM Sweden - Det Nya Landet / The New Country (2016) :90 (Sweden)

It's my job here to stay objective on the commercials topic, and comment on the adverts execution, but sometimes this gets difficult.

Bud Light - Equal Pay - hated by the target market


National Rifle association - "Moms Like Me" (2015) :30 (USA)

Radio host, author, Twitterer, TV commentator, mom and well-known gun rights advocate Dana Loesch speaks out for mothers in this NRA ad.

Veterans Against The Deal "Sgt Bartlett" (2015) 1:00 (USA)

As congress prepares to vote yes or no next month on a nuclear deal with Iran, President Obama is facing a growing amount of skepticism.

Korean Ministry of Unification "Piano" (2015) 1:34 (South Korea)

To celebrate 70 years of Korea’s liberation from Japanese occupation, Cheil Worldwide and the Korean Ministry of Unification created this special &quo

The Catholic Vote - Not Alone - (2015) 2:40 (USA)

Once upon a time in America, they thought that Kennedy might not make it to the White House because he was a catholic.

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence - Not A Toy - (2015) :50 (USA)

There seems to be no shortage of lobbying groups concerned about gun violence in the USA.

Rick Weiland For State Senate "Big Wheel" (2:58) (USA)

Rick Weiland is running for US Senate in South Dakota.

Gavin McInnes fired for having an dissenting opinion

Adweek reported yesterday that Gavin McInnes was forced to take an indefinite leave of absence from his CCO role at New York shop, Rooster, following
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SSU - "Never Forget To Vote" starring Rainer Höss - (2014) :30 (Sweden)

"Never Forget. To Vote. - A Nazi-free Europe, feat.

Sweden's women's organizations launch campaign to reclaim the ad space in Stockholm subway #reklamera

In a press release, Sweden's women's organizations explain that this concept is to engage the public and lobby politicians to ban sexist adv

From my cold dead hands, Groupon

Obama: Big Bird - Obama for America - (2012) :30 (USA)

Every presidential campaign has mudslinging ads, and some have epic ads like the daisy countdown.


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