Netflix goes the cheap route to appease the trans cause du jour, which may cost them.

As Kidsleepy noted in an earlier article headlined Wokevertising for fun and profit, advertising has a way of jumping onto the cause du jour head firs

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Las Vegas jusst offered Prince Harry a job

It isn't easy being a Royal runaway, what will the future hold for Prince Harry as he has stepped down from his senior Royal role?

Jessica Hartley joins The Humblebrag - to drive creativity as a force for good

Creative PR Jessica Hartley partners with sustainability and thought leadership expert, Lucy von Sturmer, at The Humblebrag The duo’s communicatio

Spinn15 PR award winners, Edelman Deportivo, Prime and Deeped Niclas Strandh

Tonight in Stockholm, Sweden the PR awards "Spinn" had their award ceremony and party.

GoldieBlox learns a lesson in engineering bad PR

Introducing Scarlett, a new visual effects studio for beauty and luxury brands.

New York-based Scarlett represents an innovative new approach to creating design and visual effects for beauty and luxury advertising. Launched by

The town of "Speed" changed its name to "Speedkills" after 10K likes on Facebook

Here's a different PSA from the Transport Accident Commission Victoria (TAC), there's a town - sorry there was a town - called Speed somewhe

Who the *explitive deleted* is Ted?

People in Denver, Colorado, US have been wondering who the heck is Ted.
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