Petits Frères des Pauvres - Don't Leave Them Alone at Christmas - Jaques (2020) :90 (France)

This ad is as sad as it's somewhat comical. Call them, write them, zoom them, but above all, don't leave them alone at Christmas.

Get your portfolio in shape, shape the new generations, join Critmas! #MerryCritmas

Come on everybody get ready! It's time for Merry Critmas!

Coca-Cola - Letter to santa / Christmas (2020) (USA)

Coca-Cola's Christmas advert is proving to be another tear-jerker

Aldi - Kevin the Carrot home for Christmas (2020) :90 (UK)

Kevin the Carrot is back.

McDonalds '#ReindeerReady' / Santa visits (2018) 90 (UK)

Father Christmas and his reindeer fuel up with McDonald’s this holiday season

Merry Easter! Printad, Israel

In the Season's Spirit, the Alzheimer Association of Israel decided to release a unique campaign – starring none other than Santa! Santa is prob

Stinking ideas.......

Ah, bless clothes with characters on 'em! They're so easy to use to make a visual point!

Home Café - Santa / the chimney issue - (2004) :15 (USA)

You want to get that coffee house, down there?

Coke / Coca-Cola - Santa (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Santa arrives

Crown Royal - Santa / "Can you look this man straight in the eye..." print 1985

"Can you look this man straight in the eye and honestly say you deserve a Crown Royal?"
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