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Badland: Sweden Democrats copy a 30 year old beer ad for their election song - edit by edit.

We have an interesting IP tiff in the political advertising landscape in Sweden right now.

Sweden Democrats "So much stronger - Make Sweden great again" election song 2022

Så mycket starkare - Sverigedemokraternas vallåt 2022 - Gör Sverige bra igen

Target - Sparklers - 2012 :30

Client Target, Agency PMH

Thai Airways - Wanderlust - 2009 - Spec

A commercial that transports the viewer from the mundane, rainy everyday life to magical, dreamy Asia aboard the air carrier Thai Airways. Spec Comm

Abba / Kalles Kaviar - Flytväst - (2010)

Pripps Blå Klass 1 - Dina färger var blå / Your colors were blue variant (1996) :30 (Sweden)

Just like in prior variants, the Tommy Nilsson song plays  "Dina färger var blå" (Your colors were blue), as we see a group of young friends

Pripps Blå - "Blå Blå Vindar och vatten" / Blue Blue winds and waters (1994) :30 (Sweden)

There are two things true about Swedish summers - they are full of mosquitos and Pripps Blue beer ads ads situated near water.

Pripps Blå - Seglar / sailing (1992) :45 (Sweden)

A long-running beer campaign was "Pripps Blå", which is the name of the beer but "blå" also means "blue"
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