Ikea: Luem Aeb/Forget to Keep Hidden (2012) :20 (Thailand)

Here's the Thai Ikea ad that made the Thai LGBT's hit list. And here's The Thai Transgender Alliance's, open letter to Ikea who

State Farm - Shopping - (2012) :30 (USA)

State Farm is not just there when you need them, but can help solve any issue. Like how on earth are you going to afford yet another purse?
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Viagra - Wild Thing (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Agency: McCann Erickson

Special K - Fall Fashions (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Cheez-It - Hey Baby (2001) - 0:10 (USA)

The Observer - Book Shop - (1991) :20 (UK)

Whilst the Observer alone was in the Moscow White House during the coup, the first the report the breakthrough in the middle east peace talks, and rev

Timex - Ugly old lady (1991) :30 (USA)

This little old lady with her cute little hat, flowery dress and perfectly coiffed hair has but one problem.

Sears - New Bike (1986) - 0:60 (USA)

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