Silent London: The Sound of our Isolated Capital

Haunting and beautiful but in sound and vision. Have to say I love this idea.

Look closer. You can hear it. Coca-Cola & Ogilvy Thailand “Taste the Feeling”

Coca-Cola is about uplifting people to unite for a joyful world.

Busch Beer - BUSCHHHHHHHHH (2017) :30 (USA)

You know Bill Hicks joke about the "Busch beer" ad that he felt was truly honest?

Hardwell "United We Are: Vredestein Remix" (2015) 3:08 (The Netherlands)

Vredestein is a high-end tire company. DJ Hardwell is, as his name would suggest, a DJ.

How to Pronounce Schadenfreude

How to Pronounce Schadenfreude

ASSS - Heart In Distress - sound billboard - Canada

The agency for health and social services in Canada teach people what a heart in distress sounds like, simply by allowing them to plug in their own he

Gatorade - Man's Best Friend (2008) 0:30 (USA)

The dog that never stops drinking.
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Technics - Dog masters voice - (1988) 0:90 (Italy)

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