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Victoria Bitter Ad - Sweat - For A Hard Earned Thirst (2012) :30 (Australia)

Sweat. On your brow, on your back, on your upper lip - you've earned this beer now.

Hyundai Storm - Upskirt / NSWF - by storm edge design (2012) :30 (The Netherlands)

In order to introduce the new Hyundai Santa Fe, Fitzroy Amsterdam developed an edgy campaign where the new design – the so called Storm Edge design –

Axe: Premature Perspiration (Full Campaign in English) - Argentina

Oh goodie, finally, here's the english VO version of the Axe Premature Perspiration campaign - when I translated the original VO ones, I dubbed i

Axe - Distancia / Distance - (2010) :20

Axe - Transpirador Precoz / Premature Sweatulation - (2010) :45

There are men out there who suffer from.. premature sweatulation......?

Lynx Dry - Sprinkler (2006) 0:40 (Argentina)

This guy sweats so much it's like a sprinkler!
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