Hello world. 

Adland is temporarily shut down. Hopefully, temporarily, as we have been given 24 hours to "remove the domain" from our web server host Vultr. 

Why? They received an email from Amy Tindell at Holland & Hart LLP in Boulder CO demanding the removal of a Bridgestone ad from 2003.

The ad is "A Dog's Life" created by a team at BBDO Bangkok and winner of a silver award in the 2003 Asia Pacific Adfest. On of the claims she makes in her email, is that by writing "Bridgestone" in the article about the ad, we are infringing on their trademark. We would love to know what BBDO Worldwide thinks of this. We would love to hear from Bridgestone as well.

Adland R.I.P. it was a place for heaven and hell for advertising addicts around the world, from 1996 until 2019, when they were kicked off their host thanks to a lawyer (she never mentions her title) in Colorado. 

See also our post on Linkedin regarding this, and our post on Twitter. Please share if you can. Have fun out there kids.



email screenshot