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Mærsk are granted a trademark on their light blue colour

For only the second time in the history of Denmark, a business has got the exclusive right to colour The Patent and Trademark Office has signed on th

Coffee By Design says coffee shops advertising CBD are violating their trademark.

Is CBD coffee from Coffee By Design or is it coffee with CBD?

T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom sues Telia Sonera over the color Magenta

Deutsche Telekom have been doing this for a while - that's why there's a reclaim magenta petition out there and an all pink photogroup on fl
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Jesus and Coca Cola - not a winning combination


Correction Fluid ads that never were, never seen again

We've obliged the ad agency involved and removed the spec ads for a brand of correction fluid which initially were sent in and posted as live wor

No Trademark for Jesus Jeans

Luxembourg-based clothing brand Jesus Jeans has had its application for a trademark in the UK turned down by the Patent Office because the name is de

who trademarked "22"?

No one has so far actually, but clothing retailer Hollister is suing rival chain American Eagle Outfitters for using the number "22" on thei

Sassoon files suit against P&G

Legal Action Alleges Systematic Neglect, Mismanagement, Sabotage and Destruction of Brand and Legendary Name P&G's Abandonment of Product, Re

Our reply to the PUMA cease and desist over the sexy Puma ads

Like any other site who posted the false adverts for sneaker company we'd rather not name again - we received a c&d order too.

PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement"

PUMA AG Statement regarding unauthorized "bad taste advertisement" (posted here February 25):
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