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The Royal Ontario Museum - Immortal (2022) 6:00 (Canada)

When my firstborn decided to finally arrive, she was two weeks late but suddenly in a hurry. 

Skol Beats - Senses - (2014) :60 (Brazil)

Filming an entire ad underwater is truly impressive, and making it look like it's a dance-party / nightclub even more so.

Alfa Romeo - Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth.

Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth. What for? To bring home the point that they have really low prices. Oh dear.

Ivar's Undersea billboard was a hoax - but a good one.

The Denver Egotist reports on the undersea billboards hoax, a stunt pulled by Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant in Seattle has veered off the storytelling map
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Fish Franke

Fisch Franke - Billbord with live fish - ambient, Germany

Publicis Frankfurt decided to make a big splash with just one small poster.

Impuls Summer Splash - If a man gives you Seaweeds - (2008) :30 (Argentina)

Produced by Rebolucion, Argentina and ad agency VegaOlmosPonce, Buenos Aries Impulse limited edition Summer Splash waterproof acts out a classic impul

VING - Red Sea travel undewater billboard - ambient, Sweden

In order to attract attention from the target group of divers, we sunk a traditional poster billboard into the sea at the popular diving spot Björkvik

Ving Resor - Underwater billboard - (2007) :30 (Sweden)

Billboard placed under water at the popular diving spot Björkviks brygga in Stockholm archipelago to attract divers to the idea of travelling with Vin

Hertz - Deep Sea Dive (2003) - 0:15 (USA)

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