Look closer. You can hear it. Coca-Cola & Ogilvy Thailand “Taste the Feeling”

Coca-Cola is about uplifting people to unite for a joyful world.

Ford's Saudi comment on women drivers looks just like Lynx award winner from 2016

As soon as Saudia Arabia announced that women will be allowed to drive, Nissan, Ford and Volkswagen hurried to publish topical ads commenting on the h

Heckler and Koch catalog, do you see what I see?


Ace Window Cleaners v/s Stella Neo

Creative teams are getting more ecofriendly.

Adcult USA and Ogilvy On Advertising

From "Adcult USA" and "Oglivy On Advertising" about Subliminal Advertising. "ADCULT USA" By James B.

Apple - "Test Drive a Macintosh" print (1984)

In 1984 Apple launched the Apple Macintosh, and as the famous Super Bowl ad declared, 1984 will not be like "1984"
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