Die Bundesregierung - The Sachsen front, winter 2020 (2020) :95 (Germany)

Anton Lehmann is being interviewed, sometime in the future about his "Einsatz" at the front, during the winter of 2020.

Combat Stress - Bring them home (2019) :90 (UK)

Combat Stress Reveals How Trauma Traps Soldiers on the Battlefield ENVY Advertising creates gripping sound design, edit, and online vfx for po

PMU - The Calling (2019) :60 (France)

On April 26, the PMU unveiled its new brand platform through a large multi-media institutional campaign (TV, display, display and digital). The brand

Laundry Partners with JWT Atlanta on “Moments of Impact” Digital Series for Marine Corps

Laundry Partners With J.Walter Thompson Atlanta On Powerful “Moments of Impact” Digital Series For Marine Corps Recruiting Command Design-driven an

Right to Play Takes a Stand on Child Oppression in ‘We Rise’

New campaign shines a spotlight on the daily atrocities endured by millions of children every day.

Crisis Relief Singapore - Liking ins't helping / Flood / War / Earthquake

"Liking isn' helping" yells this grunge font that seems straight from the 90s.

Unicef - Likes don't save lives - Brothers (2013)

Unicef Sweden want all you slacktivists to stop clicking "like" and start donating money again.

Take2 Game - Spec Ops - (2009) :90 (USA)

Paragraph type: Text & HTML This is a recreated node. We were asked to remove it (not just once, but several times, backed by at least one

Unimed RJ - WAR! - (2008) :60 (Brazil)

This anti smoking PSA is delivered via stop motion animated cigarettes. Because cigarettes kill more than war!

8 PM - Warzone Border - (2008) (India)

Rare whisky, blended with scotch will bribe anyone. It can even make peace. 
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Verum - Bootcamp (2007) :30 (Sweden)

Tag: 100 billion good bacteria for your stomach's defense.

Correction Fluid - Saigon/Ninios/Torres Gemelas (2006) Print (Chile)

Work for correction fluid from Chile. * please note, this is spec work! Creatives : Miguel Angel Barahona, Gabriel Gomez

Shepherd Neame's controversial ad campaign

Here are all the posters from the almost banned ad campaign from Shepherd Neame. This campaign ran in September 1999.

Carling Black Label - bouncing bombs - (1989) 0:60 (UK)

I bet he drinks Carling Black Label.

Carling Black Label - Dambusters - (1989) :60 (UK)

"I bet he drinks Carling Black Label"
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