15 Unfortunately Placed Ads - carrot points at models behind

Oy, talk about ad-damaged, when adlist erupts in giggles over the 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads which our resident copywriting shutterbug Alec Long sent in I said something about having seen one of those ads before (gosh, that's so unlike me) - but I meant the funny ad-pairing itself.

But wouldntcha know it, adlister Peter dug into the adlist archives many years back and the ad couple I was talking about, a naughtily placed carrot-poster, had actually been done with a different set of ads before. Peter thinks it seems a bit odd that this unfortunate pairing happened more than once, did someone see the first one and think "this is a great way to get their ads noticed/mailed around?" Or is it simply photoshop joking around? Who knows! All I know is that this is a first for Badland, a badlanded ad placement. Weird!

Now I can't decide if saving years of old adlist emails and recalling threads so well is totally creepy or freaking awesome. My favorite on the 15 Unfortunately Placed Ads page is the yahoo-404, that had me in tears.

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Here's another unfortunate placement.....

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hahaha! nice find.