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72 dpi - anime - Adland Haiku Challenge - Win the book.

Die Gestalten Verlag has published a most delish collection of animations from the web hottest artists in 72dpi-Anime . When this book arrived I ripped the plastic off it to deeply inhale that fresh-off a printer smell like the book junkie I am. Thick pages in this gorgeous book flaunt each animations best stills on a doublepage spreads, sorted by artists.
You can search the DVD that comes with it, by name, by artist, by genre, by anything at all really. This might be visual artists porn in luxury packaging. ;-) . Want some?

This book isn't just for geeks graphic artists and webdesigners, it's a coffetable book bringing the absolute best international designers from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, United States, England, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Austria and more , showing off their latest in commercial and personal projects.

semi translucent plastic cover shields the DVD from dust and keeps the colorsaturated books smooth pages from being scratched. Oh dear, it does sound like pr0n.


At any point during your watching of the DVD may you gape in awe. Praystations Joshua Davies shows off work, so does hi-res, and Lobo whom you all are probably best familiar with for creating the atari styled flash "video computer system" , Büro destruct, Soda creative and many many more.. Actually, everyone in the "fonts and inspiration links" pile and their highly talented mothers.
You can watch your way through this DVD in any way you want, with menus, without menus, by genre, by styles, by artist, by hunch even!

The best thing about this book may be that it spans so many styles and artists, you'll never get bored.To get a good idea on what you are missing, check out the 72-dpi website.
Since we have this review copy here... we figure someone should win it in the Adland tradition. And since the book excels in DVD poetry for lack of a better way of explaining it - I think you all should write haiku's.

So, to enter Haiku competition:
log in , if you haven't yet. :-)
hit the post comment button. (this only appears when you are logged in)
Compose Haiku - try to work in the Adland webexperience if you can ;-) (webexperience is up to interpretation, innit?)
click ok.

repeat until bored of it.

The person who writes the funniest Haiku (oh, now it's getting harder isn't it?) that makes me bellylaugh will be the winner. :-)

as usual when theres a competition here, no small print, I don't care if you live in Oz or US, as long as you can receive snailmail there, the only catch is you need to be a member here but that ain't too hard. :-)

May six (thats next Monday - so you have a week) will be the day I look up the user information of the funniest Haiku author and let y'all know who won. Deal?

* if you are on of the happy people that sign up just to get a chance on this book, don't forget that your email must be real, and active (ie: not bounce back to me) in order for you to get your password, and log in. Ok? :) If you don't get your password mail *presto* immediatly somethings wrong - and I hear that Yahoo's mailservers aren't doing to well these last days..

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